Self Care is where the action is in the global healthcare market! 

It’s worth $500bn and expected to grow 7-8% per year until 2030. A large part of it is OTC, accounting for $170bn, growing at 7% CAGR up to $300bn by 2030.

With deep knowledge and end-to-end long standing Self Care business experience BSS Consulting offers consulting services for Self Care businesses.

What does BSS Consulting do?

Self Care/OTC strategy and commercial

Portfolio analysis and management, which categories and markets to play, prioritization

Strategic planning and growth plans 

Innovation management, Rx-to-OTC switch

Regulatory guidance

Sustainability strategy and programs

Consumer and professional marketing strategies and marketing plans

Brand strategies and brand positioning

Commercial go-to-market strategies (brick & mortar, omnichannel, e-commerce)

External growth strategies, acquisiton targeting, M&A management, integration and disintegration of businesses


Transformation, change management

Diversity and inclusion strategy and execution

Leadership coaching and support 

Career coaching: how to assess career opportunities, define and articulate personal wishes, make good choices and seize  attractive opportunities

Birgit Schuhbauer

Years in Marketing

Years of leadership

Why BSS Consulting?

BSS Consulting is owned and led by Birgit Schuhbauer, with global leadership experience specialising in self care for some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious healthcare businesses

Birgit has over 35 years experience in leadership, marketing and commercial roles in the global healthcare and personal care industry. 

Global leadership experience 

She has a global perspective due to her longstanding work as Global Vice President Self Care at Johnson & Johnson but also regional and local operational experience as Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Regional Vice President Self Care EMEA, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health General Manager Central & Eastern Europe/Russia, Pfizer Consumer Health Managing Director DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and other roles in Germany, France and USA. She learned classic FMCG marketing at Colgate-Palmolive and L`Oréal and sales and P&L management in various assignment at Pfizer and J&J.

Growth and industry expertise

  • She regularly developed Strategic Plans including internal and external growth plans, identified acquisition targets and led a number of major strategic acquisitions for J&J Consumer (e.g. ORSL India, JB Chemicals Russia).


  • She has deep knowledge and experience in Self Care in Developed Markets (Europe, NA, Pacific) and Developing Markets (Russia, China, India, South Africa/Sub-Sahara, Brazil).


  • She managed successful global iconic market leading brands such as Nicorette, Imodium and regional champions like Calpol, Benylin, Sudafed, Frenadol, Codral, Actifed, Dolormin, Ipren and Microlax.


  • Thanks to her longstanding work at the AESGP Self Care Trade Association (Board from 2009-2022, President 2016-2022) she has very good insights to the regulatory and political environment of Self Care in Europe.


During her tenure as Global VP Johnson & Johnson`s self care business climbed from global rank 4 to global rank 2. Under her leadership the AESGP became modern, transparent and digital.

Pioneering change

  • She was a pioneer in female leadership, becoming Business Unit Director at Pfizer Germany and member of the board at 34 years, Managing Director DACH at 38 years. 


  • She has a passion for diversity and volunteered for an assignment as Diversity Champion for J&J Consumer Health EMEA for couple years. 


  • She was the first female President of the Self Care Industry Association AESGP in Brussels (2016-2022)  and led the transformation and digitization of the organization together with a new management team including the focus on the European Green Deal and the new EU Pharma legislation.


Birgit has been leading larger teams since more than 25 years, she has a strong track record in people and talent development and is appreciated as a genuine, inspirational, very energetic leader, who gives clear feedback and helped many colleagues progressing their careers. She is an experienced change leader, managed 3 big company integrations for her area of responsibility along with the respective organizational changes and led and designed a number of internal transformations, always keeping the focus on a balance of both: successful business & happy people.


Birgit lived, worked, studied in Germany, France, USA, Czech Republic, Switzerland, she speaks German, English, French and has basics in Italian and Spanish.

How to contact BSS Consulting?

Phone: +41 79 5998483 
LinkedIn: Birgit Schuhbauer
Location: BSS Consulting GmbH, Seestrasse 36, CH-8806 Rüschlikon

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